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FF Funnies!
Les Mis - Cosette
vergeet_me_niet wrote in romance_icons
Finally a new batch of FF Funnies!

15 - FFVIII (60 FF8 Funnies total! :O)
01 - FFX

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And to add something interactive...
I will post an ingame image with every new post of FFFunies for you to capture. Make up an original text to go with the image. The best one will be put on the image in an 100x100 icon. (So please keep the sentences limited to a few words, it will still need to fit within the icon).

The image to be captured is Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And yes, I added a little bit of FRIENDS there in that last (FFX) icon. He asked for it, okay! I also seem to create an awful lot of Irvine x Squall slash. Oh well. They do make such a perfect couple ;) (For funny icons, that is).

Please comment!
Thank you ^^

As for the new batch...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

001 002 003 004 005
006 007 008 009 010
011 012 013 014 015
016 017 018 019 020

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(Deleted comment)
Oh yay! I love your fffunnies! Snagged a bunch ^_^

Oh man, 6 and 7 KILLED me. Saving the latter for later! I just love these icons. XD

As for a caption, uh...


First thing that came to mind, aha D:

Hehe I like that one :D
Thanks for the compliments!

Seifer: "Yep, get that penny down there, *staring at Squalls butt* yep... yep..."

#4 is hilarious. XD

Took #3, but they're all great :D Thank you! Will credit.

Took 2 of them. Love 'Em.

I will credit.

I love you and your icons. I saved a bunch.

Aww thank you :) That's so sweet.

Hahaha, for the Seifer and Squall one.

I've got your gunblade right here, bitch!

Snagging six and seven. Would totally love to see them combined as an animated icon someday because they go so well together.

They're all great!

Haha they do, don't they? I will do that, make it animated :)

Yay! Glad my idea was a good one.

Snagging 1, 2, and 8, because they are TEH FUNNEH!

Oh gawd, these are awesome. xD Taking the train one at leats... More when I get some free space!

Squall: Woof?

Seifer: *sweatdrop*

love these so much! snagging practically all of them, and will credit when used. ^^

but for a caption:

SEIFER: Buttsecks?
SQUALL: ...Whatever.

Grabbed 4. Definite credit.

ZOMG! Your icons are awesome!

I was wondering, would you like to affiliate with chateu_aiguille?♥

That would be fun! ^^ Sure!

Option 3 would be pretty xD
But option 2 is okay too. Let's do option 3, I'll do the same:

You do realise that chateu (as in "castle") is spelled chateau, right? ;)

Awesome ^^

And uhh.. yes I doo hahah ^^;; But I spelled it after the song in the game SaGa Frontier, and thats how it was spelled -_-;


"SeeD's for lamers. I'm a proctologist!"

Oh how I missed these X3 Took #003 and 007, will credit when used :3

Thank you :) I like your icon!

Love the icons! Will credit when used! :D


Seifer: I see London I see France..

Squall: Jokes on you. I'm not wearing underpants.

Took #11, credited. Will be looking through your other icons. :]

Took 1, 3, 10, and 16. Will credit. :D

Hi, you made these forever ago, but I just found them and will credit. Thank you! I love them!!!

this entry is ages old but it's STILL amazing XD well done!

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