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Les Mis - Cosette
vergeet_me_niet wrote in romance_icons
Finally a new batch of FF Funnies!

+19 FF8

+ Comment
+ Credit romance_icons

And to add something interactive...
I will post an ingame image with every new post of FFFunies for you to capture. Make up an original text to go with the image. The best one will be put on the image in an 100x100 icon. (So please keep the sentences limited to a few words, it will still need to fit within the icon).

The image to be captured is Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And now, on to the icons...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

001 002 003 004 005
006 007 008 009 010
011 012 013 014 015
016 017 018 019 020
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I am taking 17 and 18. Will credit when used. :3

(Deleted comment)
Thank you :)
Yes I've made them before. If you go to my main page (romance_icons) you see TAG lines and fffunnies is among those. You will find my older ones there :)

Ohh I love them ^__^ I can't decide which to take =3

Ganking the most hilarious icon number 18. Will credit!

Nabbing icons 13 and 17 so fast that it isn't funny. I love these! X3

Hahaha awesome icons! Taking 9 & 18 <3

I might have to take 20 since Squall calling Zell an arse is HILARIOUS.

These are so good! :D

lmao these are great ^^ i love the way you do these, please do more!

by the way for the big pic caption you should have like:
Riona: 'make me a sandwich!' or 'bitch get up & do the washing' hmm maybe that's too long.


Taking #6. Will credit.

LOL! I'm so glad you made another batch of these. Snagging 11, 12, and 18, though 18 in particular is hilarious. XDD

I love these so much. Caption idea:

Rinoa: Take me shopping, damn it!

THESE ARE AWESOME. snagged a few. loved all the zell ones.

Your Icons!

WOW so funny and creative! Wish I could do something like that.
I'm taking 20, cause Zell is a bit of a moron lol.
Will give credit!

Taking first on the 3rd line. ^.^

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